Crypto – Colonialism!

by Dahiza Umar

A cryptocurrency trader by the name of Puerto Rico has moved to Puerto Rico to create a cryptocurrency utopia called Sol. There are some plans to pay taxes there.

Cryptocurrency holders want to show what the future of the city is and the blockchain scheme used for most transactions and the development of new crypto currencies.

However, it is not entirely clear when the US (some or less) regions will change.

Puerto Rico was hit by Hurricane Maria last year without the support of the U.S. and needed funding to invest in the country’s businesses. Puerto Rico has been plagued by previous financial crises. It is better to explain why local officials are serious about hosting crypto traders in their country. But how much does it cost?

The word cryptocurrency is not new. The cryptocurrency created by Michael Heartsfeld 18 years ago is no exception. The Bitcoin connection has not started since 2009.

Cryptocurrency is a country like Greece and Thailand, which seeks independence from the political world and relies heavily on the economy. The original meaning of the word “code” was used — hidden, hidden, or secret. Such countries are unique, but their culture is designed to fit in with foreign role models. The word colony in this sense is not a literal meaning, but is obscured by the loss of traditions and customs.

In particular, this definition of crypto colony is firmly rooted in the social and economic context of crypto utopia.

Cryptographic countries

There is a deep connection between the free movement and the cryptocurrency movement. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin rely on a separate, large-scale, illegal approach. While millions of people enjoy the Caribbean gallery, the poorest people are unaware of the technologies being imitated.

Most of the male entrepreneurs moved to Puerto Rico last year and wanted to not just create crypto wallets to lead to the idea that Cryptribertarians would come to the island. Their vision is similar to that of the Liberland Free Republic, another cryptocurrency utopia that claims to be a “micronation” camp west of the Danube. We use Bitcoin as a “national”.

Going back to Sol, knowledgeable crypto landowners want to use the blockchain system to vote for elections and issue citizen certificates. But those who challenge the poor do not pay attention to these ideas.

This action smells of war capital. Use the environmental and economic crisis or to change society to have a better worldview and a stronger world. Effective applications such as a good life line do not focus on the results when you are weak and do not focus on yourself for months.

Fight for power

Cryptographic utopia can be an environmental problem. Puerto Rico has been in dire straits since Hurricane Maria, and Sol says it is easy. The cost for a single Bitcoin transaction is 215 kWh per hour (KWh). He has the authority to provide multiple homes across the country during busy times.

The annual consumption of Bitcoin mining has increased from 9.5 terawatt hours (TWh) to 48 TWh per year in the last 12 months. This is 2.5 times the total consumption of 19 TWh in Puerto Rico. The resources and infrastructure behind Hurricane Maria are crucial to supporting cryptocurrency mining across the country.

Cryptocurrency holders have brought good luck to the rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market. This is a special factor. This is a game for wealthy people who are raising money and can make money to make money faster. This is what a ball looks like. Those who submit early, as such, will not be reimbursed by foreign investors.

According to our recent research, cryptocurrency prices are inseparable from earthquakes derived from other commodities such as gold and commodities. However, cryptocurrency prices are still steady, so the Bitcoin price is affected by other crypto currencies.

If Bitcoin survives a new payment method, its presence in the crypto world will be scattered. Libertarian cryptocurrencies can deal with regions of the world that have been destroyed by earthquakes, waves, storms and economic crises according to the Sol model.

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