1. Overview

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4. Deposit

Before making a payout, please make sure the account balance is enough. If the balance is insufficient, you need to make deposit in advance. Presently only bitcoin (BTC) is supported. Deposit from external digital currency wallet Deposit from another Finmail email account in a standalone way Deposit from another Finmail email account by email

2. Activation

The Finmail Payment feature can be activated in the Payment/Settings page: If you have not activated the Finmail Payment feature yet, you may also find a blue “Activate” button in the Compose page. After clicking the button, you will be directed to the step 3 above in a new window.

3. Switch Currency

Different currencies can be switched in the Compose page or in the Payment/Payment page. Presently only available currency is bitcoin (BTC). Switch currency in the Compose page In the Compose page, click the currency drop-down right after the Amount field in the Payments section, for example “BTC”, then click the new currency. The Payments section […]

7. Forgot password: How to reset

If you forgot your payment password, you can reset it by the steps below: 1.¬†In the Payment/Settings page, click the “reset” link right to “Current Finmail Password”. 2. When the password is successfully reset, a message box will appear telling you to check your backup mailbox. An email with a temporary payment password will be […]

6. Change Password and Settings

It is possible to change Finmail password or backup mailbox in the Payment/Settings page. For security, please always keep your payment password private. Please take the steps below to make the change. Change Payment Password and/or Backup Mailbox

5. Payout

You can make a digital currency payment to an email address or a digital currency address. The payment will then be made internally or externally. However, there is no direct relationship between address format and internal/external payment type. The payment type is determined by whether both sender and receiver are on the same host and […]