Desperately search for Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin

by Dahiza Umar

In 2008, a claimant Satoshi Nakamoto submitted a paper outlining the implications of becoming the world’s largest digital cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Two months later, he released the first installment code for the software, allowing people to make money and send money.

This paper was reversed because it combined ideas that people made about digital money. The remittance problem was resolved safely and reliably without relying on a third party or other party in the contract.

But who is the mysterious writer? Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? The paper was written on tiles labeled “us” instead of “me”. Perhaps this is a lie. But if not, several people are said to be behind the idea of ​​Bitcoin.

Over the next two years, Satoshi Nakamoto and some candidates will work on improving the software until April 1, 2011 for more details.

Since then, Bitcoin has seen the value of meteor showers increase. The global financial system has not collapsed yet, but it remains. In part, the currency remains a currency issued by China, with the Bitcoin market accounting for 81% of the total Bitcoin trading group.

But what is important to so many people that Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity is revealed?

As with everything related to Bitcoin, the answer is difficult and the answer may not be paid until the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity moves forward. Proved that they were Satoshi.

The age of the Internet has made it possible to answer all the questions that everyone is interested in. According to Satoshi Nakamoto, there are many unanswered questions.

For example, we live in an era of key technologies such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Google’s Larry Page and Serge Bryn, and Apple’s Tim Cook. I’ve never heard of the idea that a powerful technology like Bitcoin can be brought to the world without paying attention to it. Why are you so anonymous?

Many theories have been put forward on this, including the possibility that thinkers may be concerned about the illegality of making different money.

This is especially true when online funding is being investigated for the ability to support finance and other criminal activity. However, this policy does not explain why they want to remain anonymous today, now that most Bitcoins have been accepted, even if there is a malicious internet connection.

Another idea was that Satoshi Nakamoto was hesitant to make Bitcoin very open source, and there was no guide to understanding how to work and develop.

The view is correct, but one of the reasons the Bitcoin community wanted to be a true leader in claiming the title is the future, which is not a decision because it was separated by the Bitcoin developer community. The software must work.

These discussions arise from other issues, such as the Linux operating system, but in the case of Linux, leader and researcher Linus Torvalds could be the final reporter for these discussions.

This may be an interesting question, but the issue that may be behind the media’s interest is the 1 million Bitcoin platform that Satoshi Nakamoto claims to be involved in. The current market value is $ 420 million. This doesn’t seem to be happening, so why do I have a question?

One issue here is the sale of Bitcoin, which may be linked to Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. One idea is that Bitcoin creators didn’t want to signal the market by loading most of Bitcoin.

Questions were asked about Bitcoin, but it is believed that Australian businessman Craig S. Wright Nakamoto Satoshi claimed to have triggered the Australian tax office to urge police to attack his home. I will. dance.

However, ATO’s interest in Wright’s involvement with various companies and tax havens does not seem to have anything to do with Bitcoin.

As for Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto’s allegations, further evidence was found that this was a lie. The plant keys used to connect Wright and Satoshi Nakamoto were recently created, rather than claiming or claiming to have occurred in the past.

Satoshi Nakamoto can make many “discoveries” in various ways. Many seem to want the creator to be unidentified. Secrets and warnings are much better than flesh.

Meanwhile, some hope that “Steve Jobs of Bitcoin” will move forward and take Bitcoin and its internal technology to a new level.

In my case, Bitcoin is close to Satoshi Nakamoto’s own project, so I think it’s better to continue to be a community-run project.

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