The unmissed opportunities that the blockchain technology has to offer to the entire world.

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

The blockchain technology seems to be as vast as the ocean where no one knows where it starts as where it ends. This is exactly what the blockchain technology is all about. It is so vast to the extent that it is not easy to actually situates its weaknesses and limitations. There as many opportunities that offers the blockchain technology that many do not actually know its existence. As a result of this, there are opportunities that are being missed off due to lack of knowledge and utilization. At this time of the year that every eye is focused essentially on the coronavirus, there are many things that could had been avoided like the cancellation of election and voting with the use of the blockchain.

It is already an undeniable fact, the blockchain technology appears in all fields of life. There is no absolute doubt about this. Politics, especially voting and elections has been heavily hit by the coronavirus as it has disrupted political life like voting in developed countries. This is the case Wisconsin Democratic primary in the U.S that saw its cancellation. Despite the strong presence of the coronavirus, voting could have had still taken place through the use of a secure blockchain voting app to enable citizens to aptly respond to their right to vote. Though, this strategy was not being employed in the U.S, some countries like Estonia had experienced this strategy which proofed out to the very efficient and safe. Estonia made a more rapid progress as the country remains a good example for electronic voting in Europe and per se in the world in general. Many other European countries like Finland, Netherlands and Germany did follow on the footstep of Estonia with primary aim of securing positive results like it was the case with Estonia.

The blockchain technology can come a reliever and alleviate the so many security concerns that have disrupted the smooth functioning of e-voting attempts. With the use of the blockchain, one is sure of authenticity and transparency at all levels, from the beginning to the end of the voting. Though many are still skeptic about the use of digital voting, they should be guaranteed from henceforth that it is now a secure means of voting with the now use of the blockchain technology. As digital transactions are secure and trustworthy thanks to the blockchain, so it will be with political issues such as voting and elections in general.

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