Using the Blockchain technology in creating a better and vital sharing economy

By Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy. [email protected]m

It is no secret that the world is getting or experiencing its worst days since the creation of the earth and the universe in general. Though, life may seem to be looking quite comfortable and handsome, it is not for everyone as our day to day actions affect us directly or indirectly. It may seem obvious to be handled, but it is not actually the case. The worst of this that the world’s finances have been affected adversely, with countries closing upon themselves and caring less about others, reducing the place of sharing that have always existed between humans. It is more of a form of interest or capitalism that it is being experienced nowadays and as such, the world inevitably need a way to create a happy world in its entity.

Many and most of the companies or enterprises dealing with finances or economic systems are often service aggregators hiding behind the claim of sharing. They do so through aggregating the desire and willingness of suppliers to sell their excess capacity such as cars, equipment, handyman skills and vacant rooms using a centralized platform and then do resell it to users collecting all the profit and the valuable data for further economic and commercial exploitation. Introducing the Blockchain technology into such operations would give and provide a share profit between the users and the suppliers of the services as the means to collaborate will deliver a greater share of the value to them.

Looking ahead, taking an example of a company like Uber will explicitly demonstrate the value and idea of sharing that should exist using the Blockchain technology. Under the Blockchain technology, the Blockchain’s protocol will give permission to cooperatives and associations to be created and regulated and controlled by the people who have decided to come together for particular needs. Like in the case of Uber using the Blockchain technology, all the profits and revenues that will come out from the services will go to the different associated members as they also control the platform and make abiding decisions concerning the enterprise.

Using the Blockchain technology, it will eventually boost the economy of the companies and the individuals as well, there will exist from henceforth a better and reliable sharing economy as well as changing and establishing the enterprise collaboration amongst its members to satisfy everyone according to its needs as the world’s economy is in much need of sharers than holders in order to make the world a greater place and helping countries with weak economies through the Blockchain technology.

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