Transparent Ticketing Process with Blockchain

by Fauzan Anandika

Traveling in a pandemic time like this has become something risky. Tourist and traveler must postpone their dream of visiting different countries for their safety. When everybody movement is limited, we only traveling through our screen. But since the vaccination project is still progressing, there is a big hope that our life could back to normal.

Speaking of tour and traveling, the ticket is the main factor to do this activity. Train, airplane, or ship ticket availability becomes traveler concern since it affecting their budget. In developing countries, ticket availability becomes the source of fraudulence in peak season. There is still some space that needs to improve for better quality. A ticket to a tourist destination could disappear at one time and appear again near the purchasing time limit at a higher price. A phenomenon is known as legal fraud. Something that cannot be sued because the transportation provider has full authority on publishing their ticket availability status. A customer can’t get real information on how many tickets have already been sold and who bought them (know from published selling code).

Refunds and rescheduling still become a problem for most travelers. More documents and long bureaucracy are needed to get a refund or rescheduling. Even we have the payment code it won’t help to fasten the process. The provider always uses the validation process as their main excuse, something easy to do since they have the customer profile on their database.
Not only traveling tickets but event tickets also prone to fraudulence. Fake tickets may appear in the market and sell freely to the customer. The unscrupulous sell it with a direct selling model to make it the authorities hard to detect them. A problem that should be solved quickly to protect the customer.

Blockchain has become a solution to prevent fraudulence in many sectors, also in ticketing platform. There are several solutions that blockchain technology offer to improve the ticketing process.

Authority to validating

A customer has the authority to check the ticket number before buying it. A method that could prevent customers from purchasing a fake and unregistered ticket. Using blockchain makes all the ticket numbers and status transparent. Every customer will guarantee to get the real and registered ticket.

Easy refund and reschedule

Since transaction in the blockchain is immutable and only representing one customer with one transaction id, refunding and rescheduling proses will serve faster. Without asking permission from the higher staff, refund and rescheduling will be process faster.

Ensure maximum security

Since blockchain using a decentralized app where the database is distributed to every stakeholder, changing and hijacking the data will be hard. Changing one data means changing the whole database in the network. This security performance needed because in providing a ticket involve stakeholders from different company and institution.

Comprehensive collaboration

Provide a good ticketing system means to build a good network. Sharing comprehensive information through a blockchain network will enhance the network. The ticketing industries connect many stakeholders such as the provider, online ticketing platform, airport authorities, national transportation department, and even the police department.

Some online ticketing platforms already start using blockchain for their service. The development of this technology is promising. The customer will get more convenient service using the platform. For the company, they will get more customers to use the platform with blockchain technology.

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