Blockchain technology was never a mistake

by Bob Huyu

5 years now, I have been using blockchain technology through cryptocurrency exchange. Cryptocurrency experience ever since I started using it through bitcoin and USDT currencies, it has save a lot with almost all of my daily transactions.

Bitcoin is highly used ever since it was introduced. Bitcoin as the decentralized online currency it was introduced by someone known as Satoshi Nakamoto with his followers. Although it faced many up and downs, bitcoin is getting smarter as days goes, since many platforms and institutions allows it’s significance positively, this results to more usefulness of it.

Finmail is one of the platforms I have been enjoying, learning and far more use bitcoin and USDT cryptocurrency. It connects the online payment methods from cryptocurrency to handy cash. Good thing to know is that you can send online currency without any pay cut in within the Finmail Outlook Add-in system or any registered e-mail with Finmail account.

The far most cryptocurrency that I have used is USDT (Tether USD). The currency that has a ration of 1:1 with USD which makes it even more realistic.

In most of my transaction USDT is my recommendation, although cryptocurrency normally changes often.

Anyone either beginner or expert USDT will work well as a welcome teacher in the world of cryptocurrency.

There is a funny thing I like with cryptocurrency, and it all starts when you want to buy or sell, let’s take an example of bitcoin, you may either sell cheap or gain profit but all these lies with selling tricks. Bitcoins changes over seconds, this will make you look up with a graph to spot a right time for selling or buying it. Have you ever waiting for something to be 100% yet it goes 30% once it reaches 75%, hahaha! this will either make you cry or laugh (if possible).

Although the selling tricky, bitcoin sells well and may be a profitable currency ever because it is generated from the mines, specialized centers to mine bitcoins. With our modern technology, cryptocurrency can be mined even with your computer although it may take long to gain profit because of the mines introduction. These fields have introduced specialized computers and devices generally for mining coins by solving simultaneous equations from the decentralized blockchain transactions to keep cryptocurrency at easy and perfection.

It is my pleasure sharing with you about the experience I have with cryptocurrency specifically USDT, I hope you will find it easy startup point to the more gains with it. Cryptocurrency if well implemented will make our world a better place concern with online payments and transactions.

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