Bitcoin Ultimatum a new technology in the blockchain world

by Salman Khan

The blockchain development team has acquired a new bitcoin called the Bitcoin Ultimatum (BTCU). It was supported by Coinsbit, a leading cryptocurrency exchange player developed by Nikolai Udianskyi.

The idea developed for BTCU is another cryptocurrency, the beginnings of which are explained by Ethereum. BTCU has developed an ethereum-like concept to address key issues in the implementation of DAP programs and operations. The group is working on a possible way to sign smart agreements and negotiate with many other protocols to implement nuclear exchange technology in the blockchain protocol. This method will cause general technical problems.

BTCU opposes traditional mining. Ethereum developers want to sign up with POA to block PLOS mining algorithms. Distributors and owners will work as consultants in traditional BTCU networks with crypto exchanges and blockchain companies seeking to maximize the balance on key nodes. It was decided to remove the web and avoid classics.

Therefore, the blockchain will be based on the PLOS mining algorithm associated with POA that the PLOS user will use for mining. Once this plugin is activated, all Bitcoin network users will be capable to take comparable airdrops in their wallets, with a 1: 1 bitcoin balance in the branch block on the BTCU network. After branching, all users can find BTCU coins on their networks so that they are stable during branching.

The new cryptocurrency blockchain will require 20 owners. To avoid decentralization and control of the network, half of the owners will be selected by the group itself, and the other half will be selected by the community according to the POA principle. They will identify the 10 owners who make up the largest part of the coin, which may contain the central nodes. The POA algorithm will be customized and removed from the original. Dealers can do this and select the owner of a token even if the number does not change.

Anonymity is the ultimate truth of any blockchain network because if there is no commission and no arbitrator, a person is chosen as a cryptocurrency option instead of a classic.
BTCU experts have set up private transfer capabilities on their networks to keep their customers confidential during their transactions.

The POA transaction verification protocol will help developers understand blockchain access at a rate of up to 200 seconds per interest. BTCU allows group management of blockchain smart contracts to protect customers from fraud.

BTCU intends to expand and implement the decentralized mobile concept with a desktop currency wallet with a desktop version. This will make it easier for the person to send and receive their loan by phone number.

BTCU’s nuclear team aims to expand and expand its resources to find globally known solutions for a corrupt society. The world of blockchain practical science will always be of equal importance, and it needs to be kept away from the latest developments in the industry and create more opportunities every year.

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