Binance Network Development For E-Learning

by Fauzan Anandika

Covid 19 has changed many aspects of our life. How we meet each other, shake hands, trading, shopping, and even learning. Social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading makes our life not the same anymore. No more concerts, watching a movie in the theater and also attending a live class. Online classes and online meeting services have become one of the possible ways to handle this situation.

With an online class, every student from all places in the world could get the same material and explanation from the lecture. In this year, online meetings have given much value to a different type of meeting. We can meet with the various speaker, influencer, tutor, or a coach with an online meeting class. Renting meeting space from a physical room into a digital room become a profitable business. Each platform tries to serve with the highest value and lowest price possible. They seek even the smallest way to make the platform efficient. For a better result, an online meeting platform can use the Binance chain as an option.

A Binance Chain is a Blockchain network that performs transactions between its member using a smart contract. A wider and faster transaction becomes blockchain excellence to held an online meeting class. There are several ways how Binance, adapting to the online meeting business.

Cheaper transaction fee

With internet technology, communication with people around the world becomes easy to do every day. Attending a seminar or training from a foreign speaker in a convenient way. Using blockchain technology, buying a training ticket can be faster, even on the same day. Compared to other chain networks, binance have a cheaper transaction fee. The Binance chain works more efficiently with lower data storage makes it has a competitive price.

Data burn mechanism

Storing data in a blockchain can become costly since it is irreversible to edit. Then, each network becomes too dense to make a fast performance. By burning some useless data will make the network more flexible and faster response. Even blockchain can handle big data load but how to manage the load is more important in developing a blockchain for various needs. Binance chain is one of the blockchain networks that able to do data burning mechanism. In an online meeting, a fast transaction still one of the basic needs of the business.

Supported by various kind of stable coin

Stable coin or a currency made using a fiat currency as their base, and becomes a safer way on the crypto transaction. Buying and selling a seminar or training ticket using a blockchain will make the transaction faster and safer, especially when using a network that supports stable coins. Trust is a key to digital product trading like online training, ebook selling, or seminar.

Faster transaction process

In the digital platform, become the fastest is one of the priorities. Different amounts of data processed in a second can be a significant factor in using a digital platform. Binance can handle two thousand transactions in a second while another network like bitcoin needs 10 minutes and 20 minutes using ethereum. In a digital product like online training where a buyer can come from many places. Simplicity and the faster transaction will become the main choices.

Blockchain technology has a bright future, especially for a network that supports different types of transactions and various data transfers.

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