Singapore – Laksa

by Ananya Fatima


Laksa is the special soup curry that consists of spice coconut milk which is so creamy and delicious in taste, it is sure it is a mind-blowing dish that you can’t deny to eat. The main ingredient in Laksa is ” NOODLES “. Laksa is incomplete without noodles because it gives it a unique texture, most of the soup does not have any type of noodle structure that is why we try it and present it a unique and the best way of soup to serve in front of the guest in every event, especially in the winter season. Winters are incomplete without soup, soup is the tradition in winter so just try different flavors of soup in winter every day that makes you crazy. If someone does not like sup then they should try this and I know that they will love it unconditionally.

We can use rice in the soup as well and chicken is a must, if you don’t like chicken then you can also use fish, prawns, or any kind of meat that you like you can use it in your soup according to your taste.

Soup is the appetizer that is why everyone likes it on a daily basis, before every dinner or lunch they want a soup that must be spicy and creamy in flavor. It is a mouth-watering soup.


This noodle special soup which is named ” LAKSA ” was originated from ” MALAYSIA ” but Singaporeans modify its taste with their special ingredients and present it as the best soup ever.



  • oil 2 tablespoon
  • salt 2 tablespoon
  • mint leaves
  • coconut milk 2 tablespoon
  • sugar 2 tablespoon
  • noodles
  • black pepper 1/2 tablespoon
  • cucumber
  • coconut
  • shrimps
  • prawns
  • turmeric 1/2 tablespoon
  • coriander 1/2 tablespoon
  • cornflour 2 tablespoon
  • vinegar 2 tablespoon
  • rice
  • garlic paste 1/2 tablespoon
  • ginger paste 1/2 tablespoon
  • coriander leaves


  • First of all, take shrimps and clean them, after cleaning dipped in the hot water and then make a paste of it.
  • On the other side prawn is used to make the curry off the noodle soup, so take it in the pan add all the ingredients and cook them.
  • Cook them until their color changes to a light brown because this is the sign of cook.
  • Laksa leaves must be boiled otherwise its texture is so creepy, Take a pan and boiled them for 15 minutes minimum.
  • It’s up to you which meat you are taking for your soup so if you are taking prawns or any type of meat then make a paste of it like a hard paste and make the balls like kofta.
  • make curry and add coconut milk in the pan and now put all the balls of meat and leave it for the cook.
  • Boiled the noodles in the there pan, when they are boiled then take it and put them in a curry.
  • Leave it for cooking and your soup is ready.






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