Nigerian – Isi Ewu

by Verdzekov Bernard

One of most Popular Nigerian cuisine is about to be known. The cuisine is valued and eating by every Nigerian. It is so delicious and made up of so many spicy ingredients. In Nigeria, most high-class restaurants prepare this particular cuisine. The meal is expensive and is eating with ripe boiled plantains. (That is if you like). This dish main component is goat head. No other goat part, but just the goat head. That is what makes this particular cuisine. This is what gives its name. Isi Ewu is one Nigeria’s popular and finest dish. To be able to prepare this cuisine, follow guide bellow;


  • Palm oil
  • Goat head
  • Slat to taste 
  • Pepper
  • Potash
  • Onions
  • Maggi
  • Utazi


  • Roast your goat head. Make sure all hairs are scraped off.
  • Remove and wash well.
  • After washing, cut the goat head into small slices using your marchet. Remove the brain and keep aside.
  • Boil water.
  • After waster is boiled, wash the goat head using a rough sponge (iron sponge). Emphasis your washing on the tongue of the goat, and the ears. Scrape well using a knife even after which you wash again. 
  • Rinse thoroughly using clean water.
  • Put your powdered potash in a bowl add a small quantity of water and pass it through a sieve and keep aside 
  • Cut your onions into chunks. Slice and grind your pepper. set aside.
  • Put goat heat slices in your cooking pot and add your onions with salt to taste, some water and pepper and bring it to boiling point. Your water shouldn’t be so much as well as it shouldn’t be less. Add your Maggi and curry powder. Cook until the water has dried. Set the pot aside.
  • Using another clean pot, put your palm oil in it. 
  • Pour in the sieved potash into the oil and start stirring using a wooden spoon. You will rather notice the oil is turning yellow. Stir until it is fully yellow. The potash you use shouldn’t be too much, this may upset your stomach if to much is used. 
  • Add your sliced pepper, utazi that has been cut to small pieces and stir well. 
  • The other pot containing the goat head source, turn into the oil mixture under heat and stir well. Allow for about 15min so that the spices spread and mix well. 
  • Serve your Isi Ewu in a wooden bowl if you have. 
  • You garnish with sliced onion rings.


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