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Finmail Outlook Add-in
World's first e-mail service integrating digital currency
Approved by Microsoft

User Guide

Welcome to use Finmail add-in for Outlook and Hotmail!

The Finmail Add-in for Outlook and Hotmail helps send/receive digital asset, i.e. USDT and Bitcoin based on blockchain technology, when reading/composing an email in Outlook/Hotmail and, automatically synchronize the results to the email in writing. With Finmail, you can simply manage both email and digital asset in the same email client, make payments and synchronize them automatically, thus improves collaboration and productivity.

The Finmail Outlook add-in has been approved by Microsoft and, is available through Office Store.


Install Finmail Outlook Add-in


Deposit to your vault


Make payment and sync with email


Change and reset payment password, etc.



Free or subscribed Microsoft email account, including Outlook, Hotmail and Office 365

Microsoft web or desktop email client, including, and Outlook Desktop

Access to Internet


The add-in can be installed directly from Office Store. Try the steps below to perform the installation:

1. In Hotmail or Outlook client, compose a new email, open the extension menu and click “Get Add-ins”:

2. In the popup dialog box, click "Search add-ins" then type "finmail", thereafter click "Finmail -Digital Asset Management" as below:

3. In the add-in description page, click "Add" to install the add-in as below:

4. After a while, the system will finish installation and give some briefs about how to launch the add-in as below:

5. The dialog after installation is as below:

6. Close the add-in installation dialog.

Create a Finmail account

As a new user, please create a Finmail account associated to your email box. Follow the steps below to get started:

1. Click the "New Email" or "New message" button on the toolbar to bring up the new mail dialog.

    If the add-in has been properly installed, the “Finmail” option will appear in the toolbar or extension menu. Click this option to display the Sign up page, as shown below.

    To prevent someone from pretending to be you to reset your password when you are away from using emai client, use a mailbox that cannot be viewed through your current email client, i.e. Hotmail/Outlook, as backup mailbox.

2. Enter a new Finmail password and backup mailbox, as shown below:

3. When the Finmail account has been created successfully, the system will prompt to check the backup mailbox and, sign in automatically after 10 seconds.

4. You will get an email with verification link to your backup mailbox as below:

5. Click the link, you will get a verification result in web browser as below:

6. After 10 seconds, you will get signed in automatically as below:

7. After successful signing up, the system will create a Finmail account that is tied to your primary email account, including deposit address, deposit history, payout history and profile. The initial balance is 0.

    Note that we support neither shared nor group mailbox for now. 

Sign in/Sign out

To secure Finmail account, please sign in before using the add-in and, sign out after using it.

1. Once you have created a new Finmail account, you need to sign in before using the add-in as below. If you forget the password, you can click the "forgot" link to reset. For more details please refer to the "Reset Finmail password" chapter.

2. After using the Finmail add-in, please be sure to click the "Sign out" button in the Profile panel as shown below. Otherwise your Finmail account will be signed out automatically after closing the add-in for a short while.

Switch Currency

You can switch currency between USDT and Bitcoin by changing the currency unit under "Payout"/"Amount". The currency information will also be updated accordingly.



If your account balance is insufficient, deposit should be made before payout. Both USDT and Bitcoin are supported with corresponding payout limitations: 1 BTC/day and 10,000 USDT/day.

Note that both USDT and Bitcoin share the same deposit address.

1. You can copy the deposit address to the clipboard by clicking the address line under “Deposit Address” as shown below. If there is a warning dialog for accessing the clipboard, click "Allow Access". Note that if the "Address Copied" message does not appear, please try again.

2. Once the address is copied, you can pasted it into a USDT/Bitcoin wallet or other online wallet payee. The payment process can be reviewed through the “History” panel during the deposit confirmation period, as shown below. Currently 3 confirmations are required, which takes around half an hour.

3. You can always check the confirmation status in the “History” page as below:

4. You can also review the Finmail balance details in the “Payout” page as below:


You can make payout when composing or reading an email. The payment result will be synced to the email in writing.


1. When you make a payout, just enter the receiving address and amount in the "Payout" tab. There are 2 types of speed and fee:

    1) If the receiver has no Finmail account, the payment type is external, which goes through the USDT/Bitcoin main network. The speed can be chosen between 1 hour and 12 hours with different fee in BTC. Both amount and speed/fee have value estimation in USD. Presently we support paying USDT only through BTC network, therefore only BTC format address is acceptable. The support for other networks like ETH, EOS and TRON may be added in future.

    2) If the receiver has a Finmail account, the payment type is internal, which does not go through the Bitcoin main network. The payment is handled instantly and, the fee is 0. Depending on the type of receiving address, the payment type can be either "Internal by email address" or "Internal by currency address"

        Note that only primary user email address can be used as receiving address. Neither shared nor group mailboxes are supported for now. If you send payment to a shared mailbox address which is converted from an individual one, you may get unexpected result. In this case, please contact us to get support.

    Both speed and fee for the Bitcoin main network is always given as below, while the payment type is determined afterwards:

2. Click the “Pay” button and enter the Finmail password as below:

3. Click the "Confirm" button. If everything goes smoothly, the system will show "OK" and automatically add the payout information to the message automatically as below:

4. You can view the payout history through the “History” tab as below:

5. To get the full receiver address, move your mouse over the address abbreviation as below:

6. The transaction details can also be reviewed by clicking the item as below:

7. The receiver will also get a system generated message about the payment as below:

8. For demo purpose, here we make some other types of payment as below. The email can then be sent to the recipient.

9. After the email’s being sent, the recipient will receive the email with payment details, as shown below:

10. If the recipient has already installed the Finmail add-in, he/she can open the add-in panel to review the payment details, as shown below:



Both Finmail password and backup mailbox can be changed through the add-in. The Finmail password can also be reset once forgotten.

Change either Finmail password, backup mailbox or, both

1. Click the "Profile" tab to change Finmail password and backup mailbox as below:

2. Enter the current Finmail password.  Then enter either new Finmail password, backup mailbox or, both, as shown below:

3. Click the "Change" button, the system will display the change result, as shown below:

4. The change of mailbox is similar to the steps above. However when the change is successful, it is required to verify the backup mailbox, otherwise the password reset function will not be working. Please refer to the Email Authentication section in the "Create a Finmail account" chapter for more details.

Reset Finmail password

1. On the "Profile" tab, click the "reset" link to the right of "Current Finmail Password" as shown below:

2. When the reset is successful, the system will prompt to check the backup mailbox and send the reset password to the backup mailbox, as shown below:

3. Open the email with reset password in the backup mailbox, as shown below:

4. On the “Profile” page, enter the reset password into “Current Finmail Password” and a new Finmail password as below:

5. Click the "Change" button. The system will give the change result as below:


Support and Declaration

If you need any support, please feel free to contact us via the homepage message or

We make our best to ensure the safety and security of the digital currency you store in your vault, but we cannot guarantee the damage caused by a forceless accident.