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As we are turning to WordPress for Finmail Focus, all subject writing tasks are expected to be submitted online through our WordPress writing platform. This guide describes how to use the platform to write and to submit your subject writing tasks.

Please Note: Because we are moving main Finmail site from to, all URLs appear as “” should be “” instead.

New User

If you do not have a Finmail Mailbox, please sign up for it first. The login page of mailbox is located at You can click the “Sign up” link on the page, or go to directly and fill in the required information as below:

If you already have a Finmail Mailbox account, you can continue to sign up for a user account at Finmail Focus. Note that the new account is for subject writing only and, it is independent from your Finmail Mailbox account for now.

To sign up, please go to the registration page at as below:

Fill in the required information. Note that:

  • “E-mail Address” should be the same as your Finmail Mailbox account and, cannot be changed after registration;
  • The “Username” should not infringe intellectual properties, i.e. trademarks or common name.

Click “Register”, then you will get

Check your Email box both in Inbox and Junk/Spam folder. If there is an email like “[Finmail Focus] Please activate your account”, click the link in it to activate your account. If everything is fine, you will receive a new welcome email from Finmail Focus. Congratulation!


Visit to login to your account as below. If you forgot your password, click the “Forgot your password?” link to reset.

Note that if wrong password has been tried for 5 times, your account will be frozen for 4 hours.

After login, you will get to the writing dashboard as below:

Write an article

By moving mouse over ‘Posts” on the left side, you will find an “Add New” option as below. Click it to open the editor.

To first time user, a welcome screen from Gutenberg Block Editor will appear as below:

After closing the welcome screen, it is suggested to turn off “Full Screen” mode to show the dashboard, so that you can add/modify articles easier. To do this, please click the top-right button then click “Fullscreen mode” to disable it as below:

Now you can start writing your article. During writing, be sure to click “Save Draft” on the top-right part from time to time to save your work.

Different tasks have different requirements for article format. The title format for task 9 should be “{Country} – {Title}”, for example “Cameroon – Cornchaff”. To task 8, the title can just be {Title}, for example “Blockchain technology introduction”. Here “{” and “}” just shows that the content inside should be replaced with real value.

Please note that that article title allows only the first letter capitalized. Words with all capital letters like “POTATO” are not allowed. Instead, “Potato” or “potato” should be used.

After title, there should be an author line saying “By {Author}”, for example “By Darko Kolaric”. The whole text should be Italic as below:

To task 9, usually a photo of the cuisine should be added after author. To task 8, it is not mandatory but highly recommended. The image can be added by clicking “+” then choose “Image” item as below:

Be sure to click “Media Library”, then click ‘Upload Files” to upload the photos as below.

Note: Once you have uploaded the file, you will not be able to remove it from the media library.

When the file is uploaded, choose the photo then click “Select” as below:

Then center align the photo as below:

Then you can write headlines and content. A headline should be in a “Headling” block and, a paragraph should be in a “Paragraph” block. The Headline level can also be adjusted as below:

To items like ingredients and steps, they should be grouped together into list as below:

Anytime you can preview the article through “Preview” button to the top-right part. When the article is ready for submission, simply click the “Publish” button on the top-right part, then click “Submit for Review” as below:

When the article has been submitted, you can click “All Post” in the left panel to view the status.

The article can also be previewed by clicking the “Preview” link as below:

After that, please login to your Finmail Mailbox, click “Work” icon on the right panel, then click “Submit New Solution” link. In the new page, fill in the submission information. Note that the “My Solution” field should be filled with article name like “{Country} – {Title}” only. Since the article is already in the WordPress platform for us to review, there is no need to upload word/pdf/txt documents. Finally, click the “Submit” button. If the submission is successful, there will be an “OK” message.

Note: The solution/article submission time will be the last submission or update time of your article in Finmail Focus writing platform, instead of when you submit through the “Submit New Solution” page.

When the submitted article has passed review, the article status and date will be changed to “Published” and, available options will be changed to “View” only as below:

The review and reward details can also be found in “My Tasks” in the “Work” feature of your mailbox.

If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Helpful Information

  1. When editing an article, if there is an error message that “Updating failed.”, please close the message then click “Save Draft”, until it says “Saved”.
  2. When saving or publishing, please stop editing until it’s finished.
  3. To upload image, please do not click the “Upload” button directly. Instead, please click the “Media Library” button to open Media Library, then upload images through the “Upload Files” tab.
  4. When uploading image, if there is an error message that “Post-processing of the Image Failed”, please close the Media Library panel, then open it and try uploading again.
  5. It is highly recommended to have a backup file in Word/Pdf/Txt of the article on your local computer.
  6. If there is any other issue, please contact us at [email protected]
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