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Learn Blockchain Technology From Professionals

  • Will Blockchain create or destroy
    The concept of the pass with how people studied will change. The pass with how people innovated will change. Everyone wants to be independent. But we shouldn’t forget to follow our dreams and passion.
  • Bitcoin for the change
    BTC will change the world. I believe so. So many people will benefit from it nationwide when they all accept to use it as well. We will both cry and be happy at same time.
  • Bitcoin NOW and for the FUTURE
    How the internet came into existence and many didn’t know about it, that is how bitcoin is today. The internet changed the way people communicated; bitcoin changed the way money works.
  • Blockchain is responsible for money back
    The introduction of blockchain technology changed the general idea of ​​working harder than wealth. However, this issue has helped the economy to some extent.
  • How Blockchain Our Personal Identity
    There is a way to prevent identity stealing activity. One of them is by using a blockchain in form submitting. Using blockchain, a user will get irreversible data as the identity to replace their data. There are some reasons why blockchain technology can prevent personal identity thievery.
  • How CBDC Protect Investor from Fraudulence
    To gain benefit from cryptocurrency investment trends while keep maintaining the risk, the government in several countries start to create their cryptocurrency. Know as Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), a digital form of a national fiat currency claimed by the central bank.
  • How can crypto use as a fund?
    In some developing countries, scholarships are not given to the needy groups of society with transparency and fairness. How can blockchain be applied to achieve fairness and transparency in the selection and award process?
  • The blockchain technology on E-learning
    It is a great opportunity for organizations doing E-learning to protect, secure and authenticate the digital certificates, diplomas of their e-learners with no possibility of the digital certificates to be fakes or rendered false.
  • Blockchain and scholarship awards
    n some developing countries, the award of scholarships to needy sections of society is not done transparently and fairly. How can blockchain be applied in such situations to bring fairness and transparency in the whole selection and award process?
  • Turnpikes and blockchain, a way to decentralization.
    In most cases, an appointed road agency collects funds on behalf of the government. However, some government have been reported to use these funds for political campaigns, personal projects and in some cases, the cash disappears in thin air. How can blockchain decentralize and streamline the use of these funds in a transparent manner?
  • Blockchain and tollgate fee management
    Tollgates around the world are used as revenue collection points from motorists on behalf of the government. The idea is to prioritize road repair and maintenance without waiting for government budgets. How blockchain can help improve present system works?
  • How blockchain has influence the way people made money back in the past.
    With money and in the pass, you were to work very hard to make so much money or to get paid. If you don’t respond or perform well to your job description, you were sacked. But today, that concept and mindset has been changed greatly thanks to blockchain technology.

Enjoy World Cuisine from Local People

  • Italy – Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pasta
    Today I’ve brought a new recipe which is Chicken pasta which has a creamy taste and contains mushrooms. This dish works perfectly when there are unexpected guests in our house and we have nothing to make at that time. This dish is originated from Italy and the other name of pasta is alfredo. The person who invented this dish was Alfredo di Lelio.
  • United Kingdom, England – Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle
    Salted Caramel Brownie Trifle is a local and popular cuisine of United Kingdom. The most important thing matter in this dish is layers of this dish. You can add layer by your own choice. This dish is originated from United Kingdom in 18th century. In the past it contained three to four layers.
  • Mexico – Beef Barbacoa
    Barbacoa is slow-cooked meat that is seasoned with chilies and Mexican spices and when its done, it is so tender and juicy. It is believed that barbacoa is originated centuries ago in an island country which is Barbados. Its name was created by Portuguese in 16th century. The word barbados is derived from words Los Barbadoes which means bearded.
  • The United States of America – Tasty Ranch Sauce Salad
    Ranch Sauce Salad is a special type of Salad that is popular all over the world. It is just an alternative to a famous and most common salad “Russian Salad”. It looks like Russian Salad but it’s not. The word Salad means the combination of some vegetables. It has many types and verities. This Salad was firstly invented by Steve Henson in the early 1950s.
  • Singapore – Otak Otak
    Otak Otak is actually known as the Spicy fish cake, the combination of BANANA LEAVES WITH FISH PASTE. It is a creamy custard of fish, it may look so weird to eat but this is actually one of the best dishes to eat in Singapore. This dish is firstly originated in “PALEMBANG” which is the city of INDONESIA. People serve it for the first time in banana leaves which is fully grilled and smells so good.
  • North Korea – JeonBok-Juk
    This unique dish is also known as Abalone rice white porridge. It is a variety of Juke. Juke is a mixture of porridge, grains, rice cooked with simple vegetables and meat. Rice porridge is a very popular breakfast in Korea. Varieties of juk are available worldwide
  • Hong Kong (China) – Ginger Milk Curd
    Ginger milk curd is a Chinese dessert that is made with the juice of ginger mixed with curd ( yogurt ). The benefit of this dessert is you can make it anytime anywhere just with three main ingredients.
  • Japan – OMURICE (Japanese Omelet Rice)
    OMURICE is the dish of Japanese cuisine which is influence by ”FUSION CUISINE”. It is said that this dish is evolved from Western-style cooking. This dish is actually an Omellete dish of fried rice and served with ketchup. OMU RAISU is a Japanese word of English Language, which means Omelet Rice. This dish has many variations according to the different ingredients and cooking procedure.
  • Cameroon – Egussi Pudding
    Egussi pudding is a delicious meal which is made from egussi and other ingredients. Egussi pudding is common in the center region of Cameroon. It is mostly prepared by the Bassa and Ewondo tribe people. This particular meal is a tradition meal in some villages in Bamenda the North West region of Cameroon. In general, egussi pudding is a very delicious meal which can be eaten with ripe plantains, bobolo, coco yams and it can be taken for a picnic as well.
  • Cameroon – Irish Potatoes and Red Beans
    Irish potatoes and red beans is a delicious and nutritive dish from the combination of boiled Irish potatoes and fried red beans. This delicious meal originated from the west region of Cameroon especially from the inhabitants of Dschange, Mbuda and Mbacham.
  • Cameroon – Achiquaqua
    Achiquaqua is a local soup that has as particularity the fact that it is being cooked with so many different types of meat. The reason why there is an assembly of different types of meat is that it represents the types of meat and their story. Achiquaqua is a local cuisine coming from the Southern and Littoral part of Cameroon.
  • Cameroon – Sauté Cabbage and Ripe Plantains
    Cabbage is very common in Cameroon and due to this fact, it is being prepared in so many different ways and styles. Sauté cabbage is fried cabbage which is prepared in a modern way and is either eaten with ripe plantains or unripe plantains. Santa in the North West region of Cameroon produces the highest quantity of cabbage in Cameroon.