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  • End-end to transactions with crypto
    To me, if there are no people to invest and that take the risk to trade or buy and sell coins, the coins will go to inexistence.
  • How crypto boomed in times of corona virus (series 2)
    For Blochian technology, detailing and storing of information for a perfect sure security has increased too. Hardly could anyone believe that fully.
  • How crypto boomed in times of corona virus
    Most people accept crypto currency during this Covid19 epidemic. do you want to know why? Because you could make money and at same stay save from the virus, just ordering from delivery companies with amazon inclusive, thus making the Man more money.
  • How the use of bitcoin or crypto currency has been beneficial to sites or platforms that use these currencies to transact.
    With Relation to BITCOIN or CRYPTO currency, sites that use crypto currency to transact are one step ahead of site that don’t.
  • Saving information with blockchain tech.
    Blockchain technology has made it possible for information to be save. With the blockchain, information could be kept save and for a very long period of time without being interrupted or destroyed. Not only for money transactions, not only for coins, but for a general-purpose including saving information.
  • The block-chain and today’s Society
    The only problem that could be faced here is during the imputation of the data. If the data is collected wrongly, then they are to do nearly everything wrongly. The problem are HUMANs.
  • The need for Money in relation to crypto currency
    The chances of you venturing into crypto currency not knowing anything, but relying on those who have succeeded to succeed, are very slim.
  • The use of Bitcoin and other currencies
    To an extend, if everyone should accept crypto, sending and receiving crypto will be very easy. Though before we get to that stage, we will all pass through measure challenges and if this challenge is above us, then dropping it completely will one day be an option.
  • How Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have influenced the Internet…
    With the introduction of Bitcoin, that has really increased the traffic with the internet. Many have benefited from Bitcoin others have lost to and the number isn’t small. But the funny thing about all this that, this rich scheme model, most world richest are still skeptic about it.
  • Just still about Bitcoin… Don’t be ignorant…
    Many people lack patience. They envy the lifestyle of those who took risk way back before being where they are now. The cars, houses and many other luxury investments those people have. You coming in now into the block world, you will be expecting immediate results. But I will say “sorry”, that’s not the case. You need to be patient too.
  • Bitcoin
    Going and extra-mile to put food on your table is not a problem, but do It wisely. Bitcoin could make you earn some more money behind a little investment which you did, but be ready to do that at your own detriment and risk. The loss could make you talk alone.
  • The Risk of Losing Your Coins
    People working hard and dying still living their family behind to suffer because of NO digital access to a wallet where their money is all stored. This is a fact. This may not be quickly realis now, but with the Bitcoin is striving, one day it will be the main coin used for transactions.

Enjoy World Cuisine from Local People

  • Italy – Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
    Bistecca Alla Fiorentina is a special Tuscan T- bone steak whose meat is gathered from a special breed of cow known as Chianina cow. The beauty of this steak is its appearance as it attracts people towards it. It is more like a celebratory dish as it has a quite bit of history behind it. The first Bistecca steak was made in the year 1565 during the celebrations in the honor of San Lorenzo at the time of the Medici. Fiorentina steak is one of the best steaks in the world in terms of flavor and also the outcome after cooking it.
  • Italy – Gelato
    If you ask an Italian what his/her favorite dessert is they will all say one name only “Gelato”. Gelato is a frozen dessert which is made with the combination of milk, cream and sugar. In Italy it can be easily found everywhere. It is a great family dessert and a great way to finish of the dining. Gelato is an Italian word which literally means “frozen” just like its texture and its flavor. It may look like an normal ice cream but it is not. Gelato originated in Sicily in the 16th century. The first gelato was made by Bernardo Buontalenti who was a native of Florence. Gelato is considered a prize in all of Italy and it is loved to the core.
  • Filipino – Lumpiang Ubod (Filipino Spring Roll)
    There are many starter dishes which are a part of the Filipino cuisine. Lumpiang Ubod is one of the best to be ever served in the Philippines. It is like a spring roll which is famous all around the world but here in the Philippines it is made differently. It has the natural Philippines taste in it and all its culture as well. Lumpiang Ubod gets its name from Ubod (heart of the palm) which is edible pith extracted from the coconuts. The origin of this dish is in the city of Silay on the Negros island in Visayas. There is a dish which is quite similar to the Lumpiang Ubod and sometimes it gets mixed up with it. This dish is called Lumpiang Silay. The major difference which we can easily pick is that in Lumpiang Silay there is no side sauce. Lumpia is considered to be inherited from the Chinese spring roll. They both are similar in size and shape.
  • Filipino – Chicken Embutido
    Embutido is a Filipino dish which is basically a meat loaf made usually with ground pork and beef but in many cases chicken is used to make it hence calling it Chicken Embutido. It is a dish famous for a festive season like Christmas and has a lot of demand in the streets of Philippines. The origin of Embutido dates back to the start of the 15th century. At those times the Spanish people who came to the Philippines brought their own traits with them and merged them with the ways of the Filipinos. Like many dishes before it Embutido was changed drastically towards the time as the people of the Philippines wanted to add their own flavors in it. Embutido is similar to another dish of the Philippines cuisine, Morcon. They both look identical but there are different from each other.
  • Japan – Mixed Vegetable Tsukemono
    This is Japanese vegetable pickle use to add to different Japanese dishes and consume in many snacks like sandwiches, salads, etc. This is the thing that can make any other dish to the next level. This is a very common dish of KAISEKI, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner. This is more like the Name means ”PICKLED THINGS”. In 1906, a book of tea written by Okakura Kakuzō also known as Okakura Tenshin was a Japanese scholar and he introduced this dish, Tsukemono in the great tea ceremony, Kaiseki. There are many varieties of tsukemono prepared in Japanese cuisine and also there are many different dishes cooked by using this individual dish, tsukemono.
  • Japan – Nikujaga (Japanese Beef Potatoes)
    Nikujaga is actually a stew dish and, it has two basic elements, beef, and potatoes. This dish is said to be the fusion dish of western and Japanese styles together. Nikujaga is most popular especially in Winters when served with hot soups and rice. In the 19th century, this dish was invented by a chef of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Chef Norman Van Aken used the word FUSION CUISINE. This was the first time used a word for cuisine. Japanese cuisine has a number of dishes that are formed by the impact of other cuisines especially CHINESE CUISINE and WESTERN CUISINE.
  • Cameroon – Ista Meat Pie With Beignet Farine
    Ista meat pie with beignet farine is a meal eaten during an occasion, mostly a short party between organized among close relatives. Ista meat pie is the name given because it has to do with so many combinations of various types of meat. This dish is a meal that is being eaten during ceremonies in the Metropolitan city of Yaounde, Cameroon.
  • Cameroon – Mbanga’a Soup With White Fufu
    Mbanga’a soup with white fufu is a cuisne made of local items. The taste of this soup is the taste of red oil. Mbanga’a soup comes from the locality of Noni in Cameroon.
  • The Maldives – Traditional Kulhi Boakibaa
    Kulhi Boakibaa is basically made of tuna fish and spices and this is why it is called savory dessert. This is very similar to Aluvi Boakibaa but the difference is Aluvi Boakibaa cake is made of coconut and it is sweet. This recipe was made by a famous chef of the Maldives in early times.
  • Israel, Iran, Levant – Sabich Sandwiches
    This dish is like a sandwich in which different vegetables, stuffed meat, sauces are served in the pita bread or some other form of bread. In this specific bread fried eggplant, hard-boiled eggs, salads, different sauces are sandwiched between pita bread or laffa bread. Their ingredients are basically from the Jews breakfast and it is also a dish of breakfast, but it is commonly found there as the street food sandwich and also in the snacks. The use of Tahini sauce and Amba pickle is also very common but it is the variety infused with UAE culture. Tahini sauce is basically a sauce from Arab and Emirati cuisine so it is a dish with different culture infusion. More specifically, Israeli cuisine, Middle Eastern cuisine, and Arab cuisine have the same roots of origin. Israel’s culinary culture is the history of 3000 years. The history of Israeli cuisine is divided into different eras of development. At the time of 1940 to 1950, there were Iraqi Jews refugee created these dishes.
  • Pakistan – Mutton Keema Karahi
    This is a dish of simple Mince gravy cooked by adding different curry-making vegetables and spices. This dish is very popular for breakfast. Like in Punjab, Bhuna Keema is served with Pratha and lassi. This is assumed to be the best breakfast and served for the special guests. This dish is supposed to be originated from the Indian Subcontinent. Every dish was originally originated from the Indian Subcontinent. So they are just ancestors of Pakistani and Indian cuisine.
  • Nepal – Churpi Soup
    Firstly, we have to know about the Churpi, what actually Churpi is?. Churpi is a very famous and tasty cheese of NEPAL, which is used in different recipes. This cheese is a Nepalese cheese and is called Durka also. Churpi is made with the milk of YAK or COW. People have it in different regions of the HIMALAYA like NEPAL, DARJEELING, SIKKIM, BHUTAN, TIBET, KALIMPONG, etc.