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Learn Blockchain Technology From Professionals

  • How crypto boomed in times of corona virus
    Most people accept crypto currency during this Covid19 epidemic. do you want to know why? Because you could make money and at same stay save from the virus, just ordering from delivery companies with amazon inclusive, thus making the Man more money.
  • How the use of bitcoin or crypto currency has been beneficial to sites or platforms that use these currencies to transact.
    With Relation to BITCOIN or CRYPTO currency, sites that use crypto currency to transact are one step ahead of site that don’t.
  • Saving information with blockchain tech.
    Blockchain technology has made it possible for information to be save. With the blockchain, information could be kept save and for a very long period of time without being interrupted or destroyed. Not only for money transactions, not only for coins, but for a general-purpose including saving information.
  • The block-chain and today’s Society
    The only problem that could be faced here is during the imputation of the data. If the data is collected wrongly, then they are to do nearly everything wrongly. The problem are HUMANs.
  • The need for Money in relation to crypto currency
    The chances of you venturing into crypto currency not knowing anything, but relying on those who have succeeded to succeed, are very slim.
  • The use of Bitcoin and other currencies
    To an extend, if everyone should accept crypto, sending and receiving crypto will be very easy. Though before we get to that stage, we will all pass through measure challenges and if this challenge is above us, then dropping it completely will one day be an option.
  • How Bitcoin and other crypto currencies have influenced the Internet…
    With the introduction of Bitcoin, that has really increased the traffic with the internet. Many have benefited from Bitcoin others have lost to and the number isn’t small. But the funny thing about all this that, this rich scheme model, most world richest are still skeptic about it.
  • Just still about Bitcoin… Don’t be ignorant…
    Many people lack patience. They envy the lifestyle of those who took risk way back before being where they are now. The cars, houses and many other luxury investments those people have. You coming in now into the block world, you will be expecting immediate results. But I will say “sorry”, that’s not the case. You need to be patient too.
  • Bitcoin
    Going and extra-mile to put food on your table is not a problem, but do It wisely. Bitcoin could make you earn some more money behind a little investment which you did, but be ready to do that at your own detriment and risk. The loss could make you talk alone.
  • The Risk of Losing Your Coins
    People working hard and dying still living their family behind to suffer because of NO digital access to a wallet where their money is all stored. This is a fact. This may not be quickly realis now, but with the Bitcoin is striving, one day it will be the main coin used for transactions.
  • Will Blockchain create or destroy
    The concept of the pass with how people studied will change. The pass with how people innovated will change. Everyone wants to be independent. But we shouldn’t forget to follow our dreams and passion.
  • Bitcoin for the change
    BTC will change the world. I believe so. So many people will benefit from it nationwide when they all accept to use it as well. We will both cry and be happy at same time.

Enjoy World Cuisine from Local People

  • Italy – Ribollita
    Ribollita is an another remarkable cuisine of the Tuscan region in Italy. It originated in Tuscany where this soup was so common because it was made from leftover items. Ribollita is an Italian word which when translated into English means “Reboiled”. Meanwhile, Ribollita was also named the dish of the poor because of its history and also one of the major factor was that it was cheap.
  • Korea – Hangover Stew
    Haejang Guk is another name for the Hangover stew. It is called the SOUP TO CHASE HANGOVER. It is also named sulguk. The term seongjutang is assumed to be the origin of Hangover stew. It is said that ”soup to get sober” in nogeoldae, a book of old Chinese published in Goryeo Era. Seongjutang is the first time Hae Jang guk dish was written in this book. There are also many variations of this stew.
  • Cameroon – Huckleberry and Chicken Gizzard With Fried Plantains
    Huckleberry is a meal or accompaniment that can be eaten with so many different varieties of foods. Back in the days it was a taboo for a woman to eat gizzard so when preparing chicken, gizzard will be saved specially to the father or given to elderly males in the house, but gone are those days as such believes have been wiped out and anyone can eat chicken gizzard be it male or female and even kids too.
  • Pakistan – Tikka Malai Boti Handi
    This dish is very popular and fusion of two different dishes which are tikka and Handi. The literary meaning of the word ”MALAI” that comes from the word MAKHAN means butter in Urdu. This dish has four words.
  • Pakistan – Dahi Bary / Dahi Bhallay / Dahi Vada
    This dish has three names as given in the title Dahi Bhallay, Dahi baray, Dahi vada. DAHI is known as yogurt in Urdu and it is the main ingredient of the dish. There are so many stores, hawkers in the street having this snack. This simple tasty and yummy snack is originated from the Indian subcontinent the Punjab region and now famous in Pakistan and India and also included in the national snack.
  • United Arab Emirates – Beef Al Harees
    This dish is a very healthy meal in UAE. Harees means SMASHED OR MASHED. According to the Patron Saint of Armenia, this meal is served for charity and poor children. This is the national dish of Armenia. The dish is served and cooked in many countries but with some variations according to the taste of that particular area.
  • Nepal – Litti Chokha
    Littis Chokha is a dough ball that is filled with sattu and gram flour. We can also call it a STREET FOOD of Nepal. Pickle play a very important role in this dish because many people want to eat this dish along with pickles, most people use pickles as a filling in Littis.
  • Italy – Osso Bucco With Gremolata
    OSSO BUCCO is an Lombardy cuisine which is an region of Italy. It is basically a cut of veal shank which is cooked inside of a Mirepoix (a type of sauce). The meaning of “Osso Bucco” is “Bone With A Hole” which refers to the center of the veal shank which has a “Marrow Hole”. OSSO BUCCO came into existence in the region of Lombardy in the 19th century.
  • Japan – Kamameshi
    Kamameshi is known as Kettle rice because it is a dish of rice cooked in the kettle. The iron pot or kettle is a kitchenware in which this rice dish is cooked with many other elements to be added on. In Japanese, the iron cooking pot is known as KAMA. So Kamameshi names come from the word KAMA. EKIBEN is a similar dish. This is the Lunch box served on the local train of Japan.
  • Japan, China – Sanbeiji ( Three Cup Chicken )
    Three Cup Chicken is also known by the name, San Bei Ji. It is a very popular dish in China and Taiwan cuisine but also very popular evenly in Japan. It is known as a three-cup chicken because the used in this dish is made by a cup of three ingredients. It is served with Congee and Rice.
  • Cameroon – Chicken Fried Rice
    Fried rice is a delicious dish loved by many and prepared by many in so many different ways. Fried rice is prepared in many different colors including brown fried rice, yellow fried rice, green fried rice and red fried rice.
  • Egypt – Umm Ali
    Umm Ali is one of the most famous desserts of Egypt. In every country, this dish is famous not because of its name, just because of its taste as well. This is like a puff pastry which is made with pudding and cake. This dessert is started in the 12th century in EGYPT. The meaning of this dish is ” Ali’s Mother “. Actually, she was the wife of the Egyptian ruler.