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Learn Blockchain Technology From Professionals

  • How Cryptocurrency Change Fundraising Method
    There are several ways how a foundation head collecting money from the philanthropic. In the traditional method, the philanthropic send their money into the intermediary charity service like an NGO. On the other hand, blockchain fundraising has several advantages against the traditional method.
  • Smart Farming System With Blockchain
    Blockchain technology could trace farm products to create a reliable supply chain that could ensure food availability in a nation or restaurant inventory. Implementing blockchain becomes a hope to increase farmer welfare while controlling product price at the customer level.
  • Some of the biggest misconceptions about blockchain in enterprise.
    Blockchain innovation is the new insurgency with regards to information based administration and record-keeping frameworks, yet with any arising innovation comes disarray and misinterpretation.
  • How Blockchain Secure Cloud Storage
    The main reason why businesses use blockchain is that blockchain could create a complete record, that craft in its chain that shows every data movement that happens. The data record is shared with all the stakeholders within a close loop network.
  • Making money with BTC and some of its myths.
    Putting all mentioned into consideration, I feel the whole idea about BTC was to benefit a particular class of people. When you look at the rate of 1BTC now, you will see that, or understand that, if you do not invest with huge sums of money, then you will be relegated at the back and benefit just from pennies. Why not cling to the old currency.
  • Looking beyond the hype of blockchain.
    Blockchain is the hidden convention of bitcoin – its backbone. While initially viewed as just a monetary instrument, its capability to empower computerized advancement across different industry areas is wide. Be that as it may, this fervor ought to be joined by a sound level of doubt.
  • Blockchain Smart Contract For Social Security Service
    To prevent ineffective social support, the government needs to create a traceable system for monitoring the social security transaction. This feature is where Blockchain can be used as a support system to ensure every citizen can get their social support. Here are the analyses on how it could implement.
  • How Blockchain Create Smart Medical Ecosystem
    In these modern days, with blockchain technology, medical records can easily be distributed. With its feature, blockchain technology can give control to the patient on their medical records. There are reasons why medical treatment needs to use blockchain technology.
  • Electronic securities back up with the use of the blockchain technology.
    Electronic securities have become a talking point in recent times, that is for the past and recent years. In the face of innovation and constant changes in the domain of the digital world, there is the need of a spontaneous and adequate response in order to preserve online information and transactions in tact.
  • How Tether Become Promising Payment Tools
    After scoring a new high supply volume, Tether starts to expanding its network chain. Now it steadily builds its transaction using Ethereum, Tron, and EOS. With this migration makes Tether become a promising payment tool.
  • The Past and Btc
    I see BTC moving down the trend of the past. The stress of understanding and managing is very complex and the fact that its risk are high too make it very frightful to venture in.
  • Binance Network Development For E-Learning
    A Binance Chain is a Blockchain network that performs transactions between its member using a smart contract. A wider and faster transaction becomes blockchain excellence to held an online meeting class. There are several ways how Binance, adapting to the online meeting business.

Enjoy World Cuisine from Local People

  • Cameroon – Yambassa Cow Leg With Hot Pepper
    Yambassa cow leg is a family festival that deals in the strengthening of the legs and the feet of the newly born baby in a hard world that demands stability and strength. It is very symbolic and unique to this local village as it is part and parcel of the customs and tradiions of the Yambassa locality. Yambassa locality is a village situated in between the centre region and the west region of Cameroon. It is 500 meter from the main road.
  • Cameroon – Cooking Monje Cabbage in the Mbassa Way With Boiled Ripe Plantains
    Cooking is actually an art which is not given to anyone or anybody anyhow. It is to those who merit it. Cabbage being cooked by the Mbassa has the taste of fried onions. Mbassa is a village situated in the Littoral part of Cameroon beside the Wouri River which is leading to the Atlantic ocean.
  • Cameroon — Nkeleng-nkeleng With Ripe Plantains
    Nkeleng-nkeleng is a leaf that is green in color having the taste of boiled groundnut. It is a local cuisine that can be prepared at anytime of the day. Nkeleng-nkeleng is generally perceived as a national language, meanwhile the disk is highly prepared in the Centre region by the francophones of the nation Cameroon.
  • Nepal – Yomari Steam Dumpling
    It is a dumpling that is made in steam. It is the most famous dish of Nepal, so if you visit Nepal then you just go to the restaurant and first order the yomari. This dish specially made on festivals and special occasions, every occasion is incomplete without this dish.
  • Pakistan – Achari Baingan (Pickle Flavor Brinjal)
    This is actually a vegetarian dish, made up of Brinjal / eggplant. The use of the ingredients in this dish gives it an aromatic kick, mouth bursting flavors, and amazing aroma. In this dish, usually, round brinjals are taken.
  • Pakistan, India – Traditional Special Tandoori Chicken Karahi
    Tandoori Chicken Karahi is a special cuisine of Pakistan. It is full of Chicken and spices. This dish was firstly made by the cook of the Mughlai Family in the 90’s.
  • Pakistan – Shahi Daal Tarka
    This is actually a dish from Punjab. This specific lentil has many other dishes cooked. Shahi daal Tarka is among the best when this yellow lentil is cooked. SHAHI, means Royal in English. This dish is originated from the Royal families at the time of the subcontinent and then this word came to the dish.
  • Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Nankhatai
    Nankhatai is a biscuit popular in India and Pakistan. Rather being crunchy, they are really soft and have little bit of a crust at the bottom. They are also very common in Iran and Afghanistan and are known as Kulcha-e-Khataye there.
  • Japan – Osechi RAYORI ( New year’s Feast )
    TSUBUKU, is actually a founder of this dietary cuisine. The traditional way to celebrate Japanese cuisine’s idea is given by Tsubuku. The main dish of this special feast is ZONI. Zoni is a specially formulated rice dish.
  • Singapore – Hainanese Chicken Rice With Soothing Stuff
    This dish is made with some different ingredients like rice, chicken, vegetables and eat with some sauces. Rice is actually the side dish which is compulsory to eat with spicy chicken. This food liked by many countries and especially famous in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand.
  • Thailand – Pad Kra Pao Gai
    In Thailand, they have a ghost festival named Phi Ta Khon. The background of this festival comes from their ancestor belief. During the festival, tourists could find many Thai street foods near the parade route. Pad Kra Pao Gai is one of them.
  • Philippine – Kinamatisang Baka
    Black Nazarene become the biggest celebration in the Philippines held every 9 January. During the festival, many different kinds of the traditional dish served for the visitor. Kinamatisang Baka is one of the culinary that become the center of attention.