Zimbabwe – Muboora

by Verdzekov Bernard

Most African parents leave for so many years because of the meals the eat. Most African parents back in the 90s still leave till date because they were discipline with what got into their mouth and down to their stomachs. Due to the industrial revolution, and after the cold war, there was need to feed thousands of people. The war had caused a lot of damage and after the war, there was serious hunger. Companies that made food or that processed food had shot down. There was also serious damage on land. What became the solution? For them to be able to meet or rather for the humans still alive, for them to feed themselves, there was need for evolution. There had to be something. Then came fertilizers. Both men and women tilled the soil. The use of the fertilizer was to fasten the growth of crops. There was need to meet up with the so many hungry stomachs. Many people died from starvation. 

Because of this fertilizers and even other chemicals that have evolved over the years, many now suffer from cancer and some other disease as a result of the amount of chemicals they take in their system that where used for crop growth. 

Sweet drinks that caused diabetes have been introduced. Many have died because of such. Though with this innovation, there were able to save so many people, from the tomatoes, vegetables, carrot and many other crops they growth, they caused or still left behind harm. 

When I visited my grand mom, I went along with some food, sweet drinks and mineral water. What I realized was, she didn’t touch any of the drinks I brought. When asked she said she doesn’t want her system to be accumulated with chemicals or sugar. She said she locally makes her fruit juice or she drinks water. No sweet drinks. She then said, “technology in making food has caused harm instead. That back in their days, they didn’t even hear of illnesses like diabetes or cancer. That she is strong today because she held firm to her past of cultivating, cooking and consuming food.

It came to my notice also that, when it concerns food or what goes down into our system, we should however be very discipline and careful about it. Less fat, less sugar Etc. we should avoid the extremes and we should take what our body needs for good growth, not necessarily satisfying but the mind, but the body and what is in it. The brain will benefit too though. If we don’t discipline ourselves with what gets into our system, then we are bound to suffer from unnecessarily complications in the long run.

Pumpkin leaves help generate more blood in the system. It is very nutritional when prepared. It does not require a lot of ingredients and too it is a low-cost meal. With Muboora, you can used groundnuts in the preparation or tomatoes. To prepare this meal, follow guide below;


  • Pumpkin Leaves
  • Vegetable oil 
  • Groundnuts
  • Meat
  • Onions
  • Garlics


  • Wash your leaves and chop using a knife. 
  • Wash your meat, slice and boil. Keep aside with stock. 
  • Grind your groundnuts and keep aside.
  • Blend your garlics put aside 
  • Chop your onions put aside
  • Put your main pot on heat, add water and heat up. Add your groundnuts and cook. After realizing the emitting of oil from the groundnuts, add your pumpkin leaves, add water, stir and cook. This should take about 20min.
  • Fry your onions and blend garlics, and add into the main pot. Stir well add maggi and salt to taste. Add meat and stock, stir well, and close pot for about 15min more, remove and serve. 
  • Serve with cooked fufu. 

To prepare Muboora with tomatoes, simply fry your onions, tomatoes and garlics, and after coking your groundnut and adding your pumpkin and waiting so that it cook for about 20min, you then add you fried tomatoes, onions and garlics,  then meat and its stock, maggi and salt to taste it cooks, you remove and serve. 


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