Pakistan, India, Bangladesh – Chapshuro (Hunza Special Pie)

by Ayesha Umar


Chapshoru is the most uncommon and extraordinary dish of Hunza, Pakistan. This dish is famous actually all around the existence but it is the dish that comes from the Hunza valley. It is a warm and delicious dish with an overpowering odor. It‚Äôs an uncomplicated and straight compound of cooked nutrition plant part full and sealed off between two whole wheat flatbreads, and then cooked over a frying pan. This is really easy to make all kind of kinds of stuff. This is actually the main dish and the most delicious dish that we can eat with salad and naan. This is the most cheapest and delicious dish. You can eat this by mix it with cornmeal and wheat flour. You can make this with chicken mince. If you are vegetarian then you can eat this with yogurt and salad and pickle also.

Eat well, Live well.


This dish is originated from Hunza Valley.



  • beef/chicken
  • salt = 1 pinch
  • lemon juice = 1 tsp
  • wheat flour
  • water for kneading
  • green coriander
  • garlic paste
  • ginger paste
  • onion 2
  • tomatoes 1
  • coriander leaves
  • red chili powder
  • green chili


The very first thing that you have to in making this dish is the kneading of a dough so that it can be a better taste to serve this with pie. Put the flour into the bowl an knead it with water. You must have to add pinch of salt in it so it can be salty. When we leave it for few minutes, it must be swelled and dough is more and more fluffy. On the other hand, take a pan and add oil in it over the high flame. Add chopped onion into the pan and fry it until it gets light brown. Add tomatoes in it and leave it over the flame.Add all the spices in it and leave it for more minutes. Now add water in the pan and minced meat and boil it until it boiled. On the other hand, make dough balls. And seal the dough rounds and put the finger around it.

SERVING: 4 people

COOKING: 20 minutes

PREPARATION: 20 minutes

I hope you like it!

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