Center Region Cameroon – Bulu Beignet and Pape

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Bulu beignet and pape is a food eaten by the bulu people. Generally, Bulu beignet is more often eaten at very early hours of the morning like 6 or 7 AM or better still during evening hours, 7 or 8 PM. It is a food rich in potassiums and essential minerals. Bulu is a locality located in the French speaking part of Cameroonm, more precisely in the Central part of Cameroon, better known as the Center region due to the fact that it comprises of the Political capital of Cameroon. This does not mean that it cannot be eaten at afternoon times, it can be eaten and there is no problem to that, though most people prefer eating it during the morning or at evening periods.

Cooking method


  • The first thing to have is a ¬Ĺ kilo of flour
  • The second is ¬Ĺ kilo of sugar
  • The third is ¬Ĺ bucket of corn.
  • Groundnut oil


It will be important to start with the ¬Ĺ bucket of corn since it is a longer process.

  1. Firstly, peel off the skin of the corn.
  2. Soak the corn into a bucket of water and close for a duration of a day or more.
  3. When the corn has become soft, grind it for it to become paste. Take the grinded corn and and start draining both the dirty water and the chalves of the corn. When you must have done this process over and over and noticed a change of color and thickness, it is a sign the grinded corn has changed into paste pape.
  4. At this moment, the paste pape cannot yet eaten, you need to cook it.
  5. Place a pot of water on fire. When the water begins to boil, pour the paste pape into it and begin to stir. Stir till the paspe pape turns liquid and ready. When it is ready, pour sugar into it depending on you. Serve it in a bowl.

   Now, let us move to the flour. At this moment, it is still just flour and not yet bulu beignet. Follow these steps below.

  1. Start by boiling water, then pour just a little into the flour and mix. Mix till, the flour turns into paste. When it becomes paste, coil into desired shape, small or big.
  2. After coiling, pour groundnut oil into the pot. Wait till it becomes hot. When hot, begin frying your coiled paste. When ready, remove from fire and place in a silver plate.

Your bulu beignet and pape is ready. It is eatn by adults as well as babies. As for babies, except the beignet, but the pape yes, they drink it.

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