Cameroon – Tikar Fried Meat With Fried Potatoes

by Wirba Brice Divine Ransinyuy

Meat is one of the globally eaten food, be it in the United states of America, Canada, France, Europe as a whole or even in Africa in a general manner. Being from the Central Africa, it is just of normal to pay more attention to things concerning this part of the continent. It does not meanin other articles to come, local cuisine shall not be looked upon, it shall be looked at in an explicit and esquisite manner. One thing after the next. Moving this way, sounds more pragmatic and steady. Tikar is a tribe or betterstill a village found in Cameroon and some other parts of the Central African sub region. It is a large ethnic group that is well invested and organized in a cultural manner. Today’s focus is upon their local cuisine, how it is being prepared and what it can be eaten with. With most other types and forms of meat, it all depends on each and everyone to each it as it suits him or her. What someone will like, it is obvious that someone else will certainly not like the same thing or what is eaten with. As I earlier, it is the way that is being cooked , prepared locally that will brin gour attention in the following paragraphs.


  • 1/2 kilo of bush meat, that is animal cutting grass.
  • Three big tomatoes
  • Salt to taste
  • Maggi to taste
  • Three big peppers
  • A hand full of percil
  • A hand full of celeri
  • One full cup of palm oil, better known as red. Instead of using groundnut oil, we shall use red oil, cooking it in the real local and village method.
  • One big onion
  • Three green pepper
  • Red pepper, that is the hot typeof pepper.
  • Cori powder to add more flavour and taste.
  • Five potatoes

Now, let us proceed to the next step by starting with our cooking.

Cooking procedure and method of Tikar fried meat with fried irish potatoes

  1. Start by washing the meat thoroughly and then proceed to cutting it. Cuti t to the desired spices, depending on your choice. After washing it, roast on a lighted fire instead of boiling it. Roast it untill it becomes ready, that is well prepared.
  2. After doing this, move on to prepare the tomatoes, onions, celeri, percil by washing them and slicing them into very small pieces since it will not be grinded in a molinex. After slicing, put it in a clean plate and cover it to prevent it from flies.
  3. Next, proceed by washing the potatoes and peeling the skin off. After peeling it off, now cut them into small beautifull sizes and pour salt on it and turn it thoroughly so that the salt can penetrate into it very well. Then place on a drainer for it to become dry.
  4. After doing these various steps, it is time to stew your meat. Before moving on, I will like to give light on the type of meata that is being prepared. The meat being prepared is known as the cutting grass which is an animal that lives primarily in the forest, that is why it is being called Bush meat. Since I am not grinding the sliced tomatoes and the rest, I shall proceed by placing the red oil of fire. When the red steams enough, put the sliced tomatoes and others into the pot, then allow for one minute. After, pour in the roasted meat into the pot and the salt and maggi and add in a little bit of water like a ¬Ĺ cup of water. Close your pot and allow for a period of ten minutes. Check from time to time and when it is ready, bring down your pot.
  5. The next thing is to fry the potatoes into potatoes chips.
  6. After doing this, serve yourself on a large plate and begin enjoying your Tikar fried meat with potatoes and red oil.


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