Task 7: Improve writing of “User Guide” Part 4 ($15 for top rated article, Deadline: 2019-12-29)

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$15 for top rated article

$7.5 for all working but not top rated articles, evenly distributed (See details in “How to judge“)


2019-12-29 UTC 23:59:59

Source article

Word: Open

PDF: Open


Finmail Add-in for Outlook and Hotmail is an innovative payment system which integrates both email and digital currency.

To make the product more convenient and user friendly, could you help us improve the “User Guide” document with more clear, vivid and attractive expression?

Reference article



1. An Outlook, Hotmail, or Office 365 email box with Finmail-Addin installed, or a Finmail Membership account signed up through “Community” page

2. Good knowledge in English writing and expression

How to work

1. Read the source article in Word or in PDF. To get a whole picture, you can refer to the reference article.

2. Improve the expression in English to make the source article more clear, vivid and attractive. Send the improved article either by email to [email protected] or by submitting your solution at https://www.finmail.com/submit-your-solution. For privacy and fairness, do not give away the improved article anywhere else, i.e. in forum, before deadline.

3. Be sure to inform us of your email address to receive payment, either by email or by the solution submission form.

Note: All improved articles may be added to the forum for public reference after deadline.

How to judge

1. The judge is based on clearness, vividness and attractiveness.

2. The top rated article will be paid $15, all non top-rated articles will be paid $7.5 in total. For example, if there are 11 working articles, the top rated one will be paid $15 and, all other 10 articles will be paid $0.76 each ($0.75 * 10 = $7.6 in total).

3. Unrelated , copied or meaningless articles will not be counted as working articles.

How to get payment

1. Once approved, we will send the reward to your Finmail account in form of USDT, whose value to USD is always around 1:1.

2. The USDT balance in your Finmail account can then be transferred to digital currency exchanges and cashed out to your bank account. Refer to FAQ section for more details.

Copyright Statement

1. By submitting your solution, you agree to transfer the copyright of the solution to us the Securechain ApS once your solution is rewarded.

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