Task 10: Copyright Protection – Check for published non-original article ($2)

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Task reward

$2 for each verified finding for a non-original article published under Finmail Focus


Long Term


Finmail Focus is dedicated to providing original articles or solutions for knowledge distribution under different subjects. One of the requirements for the articles published there is that, the articles should be original and, cannot contain copied content.

We are always working to prevent copied content from being published on our site. However, due to the increasing number of articles, we may occasionally miss some of them. To prevent such thing from happening, could you please kindly help check if the articles published under Finmail Focus contain copied content?

In general, “copied content” means the content may mislead others to regard the content author instead of the existing one to be the original writer. In practice, it may be one of the following conditions:

1. Sentences or paragraphs that are the same as the existing ones without quote/reference;

2. Sentences or paragraphs that have similar structure and meaning as the existing ones without quote/reference, even if some of the words are replace by synonyms;


1. A Finmail Email account at https://www.finmail.com/mail

2. Good knowledge in English

3. Good experience in searching for copied content

How to work

1. Find the article that contains copied content and, submit your finding through the Work feature in Finmail Mailbox.2. Be sure to inform us of your email address to receive payment by the solution submission form.

2. The finding should contain details of the copied content, i.e. sentences or paragraphs, together with the existing article/content that is being copied.

Note: All findings may be published for public reference. In general, finder’s information will be anonymous.

How to judge

1. The first verified finding to a published article that contains copied content will be rewarded

2. The judge is based on reasonableness and adequacy of the finding

How to get payment

1. Once approved, we will send the reward to your Finmail account in form of USDT, whose value to USD is always around 1:1.

2. The USDT balance in your Finmail account can then be transferred to digital currency exchanges and cashed out to your bank account. Refer to FAQ section for more details.

Copyright Statement

1. By submitting your solution, you agree to transfer the copyright of the solution to us the Securechain ApS once your solution is rewarded.

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