Updates to account terms of use to prevent abuse

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To prevent abuse, we have made the following updates:

  1. Each backup email address can be used for up to 2 Finmail email accounts. If you have signed up for too many Finmail email accounts, please ask us to lock/disable the unnecessary ones as soon as possible. Some migration actions may be required.
  2. The backup email addresses for all Finmail email accounts need to be verified. If you have not verified your backup email address yet, please verify it as soon as possible.
  3. Finmail email address ending with “@finmail.com” cannot be used as backup email address for other Finmail email accounts. If you are already using Finmail email address as backup email address, please change the backup email address to another one.
  4. It is suggested to use popular email services such as Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo as your backup email address. Disposable email address is not allowed.
  5. All your Finmail email accounts need to have the same personal name.
  6. If you are an organization user with subscription to organization accounts, the accounts will not be affected. However, all other unsubscribed accounts will still be affected by the updates above. Therefore, please take action for your unsubscribed organization accounts as soon as possible.
  7. To new users who need organization accounts, please contact us by email to [email protected]

The updates are expected to be completed in 1 month, i.e. by the end of November, 2021.

We appreciate your kind support to help prevent abuse. If you have any question, please feel free to contact us.

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