Will Blockchain create or destroy

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by Verdzekov Bernard…

The concept of the pass with how people studied will change. The pass with how people innovated will change. Why do I say so? The rate at which people are interested in money has clouded the minds of many. It is true that what most people do is aimed towards making money. Services for money and money for services, but we shouldn’t forget that this era with introduction of blockchain where so many believe they can make money without going to school will distort so many things in the Educational sector.

We had students that will go to school to study geography to help limit geographical disasters that are foreseeable. We had student that will love to be doctors to help solve so many medical myths. We had students that could love to be teachers to help train others. But with the look at things here, this will all come to a hold. Many of this youths that believe in education will no longer take studies seriously because they know of a shorter means of making money. They know of means which requires little studies to make money. So the going to school and studying geography, math’s, Physics, chemistry, will be distorted and even If they were few that will love to still study, their number will be small at such making their services less from the large demanding population. 

If I know how to trade well and I know it gives me money, tell me why I will take a longer process to go to school to come out still to make same money from what I studied in school? I know there will be always evolution. Nicer and smarter ways to do certain things will be developed. Nicer sophisticate and simple stuffs will be built to meet up the growing demand of the population. But this will affect the future. Tutorials are made and publish every day on how you could deal with bitcoin and make so much money from there. Tutorials on trading are made and publish every day. Some are even free. Will you rather prefer to take few months to deeply understand how to make money while trading, buy and selling bitcoins or will you rather prefer to go to school to study and still come up to be paid by someone else and even a wage you don’t thing it will take care of you and your family.

Everyone wants to be independent. But we shouldn’t forget to follow our dreams and passion. You may be that doctor that trade currencies daily, but you still a doctor savings life. You are still doing what you love. You still in line with your dreams and passion despite making so much money from trading. It shouldn’t distract you in anyway. Yes, it is no doubt, money is good, but you shouldn’t be a slave to it. Study and follow your passion and dream. The money you make aside from being a doctor or teacher could still help build more hospitals or school to help the less privilege.

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