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Zambia – Ifinkubala

In many countries of Africa, insects are essential not only for environmental balance but also for healthy and meal advantages. Ifinkubala the cuisine from Zambia is among the many cuisines of insects.

South Africa – Vegetable Mix Roast

South Africa is among the countries blessed with climatic condition to support vegetable cultivations at large. People from south Africa like Zulu prefer this meal because it is profitable as medicine to healthy.

Zambia – Chikanda

Chikanda is among the best loved cuisine in Zambia, to be given a nick name “African Polony” due to the likeness of meat-like consistency. If you pass around streets in Zambia, this cuisine will have to be a friend of your eyes, since you will see in tables fast food points ready for take off.

Zambia – Curried Gazelle

Zambia is a country located southern central of Africa, bordering Tanzania to it’s east, Congo from it’s north, Angola and Namibia to the west and Zimbabwe to the south. The country has a variety types of Gazelle that signify their traditional dish in a country.

Rwanda – Isombe

Isombe is a vegetable of Cassava leaves, that are boiled fresh with water, then mixed with other ingredients to bring the best recipe. This cuisine is prepared in Rwanda mostly in rural areas, due to the availability of Cassava leaves being low.

Rwanda – Spinach with Peanut Butter

Rwanda is an African country found on the eastern part of the continent, bordering Tanzania to it’s west. Many small farmers do cultivate fruits and vegetable for daily meals and sells. It is easy to work around the markets in Rwanda and found spinach all along each vegetable sales man table.