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Cameroon – Nsanka Corn Soup With Sugar

Corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine that is made up of fresh corn, ngweng leaves, also known as cassava leaves and sugar. Nsanka corn soup with sugar is a local cuisine prepared by the people of the centre region, precisely the Ewondos in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Yam Tubers With Green Vegetable Leaves

Yam tubers with green vegetable leaves is a common meal in Cameroon. It is a common meal in that it tells the story of a people that live by Divine Instructions, tilting the soil. The people that eat this food do not care much about the taste but the wellbeing it offers them after they eat this food. This is story of the people of Nanga-Ebogo in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Mbagogo Fish

In the case of this fish, the Mbagogo fish that is being breed up locally is very good for the human body. The specificity of this fish is that it is very sweat in the mouth as it has the taste of soft meat due to the thickness of its layers. The Mbagogo fish comes from the Mbungo town in Cameroon.

Cameroon – Djombo Vegetables Sauce

Djombo vegetables sauce is a local cuisine that has taken the name of a locality being called Djombo. The name Djombo is as result of the djombo vegetable plant that is found in Djombo. Djombo sauce comes from a locality found in the Nkambe region, in the sub division of Ngokentujia in Cameroon.