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The Maldives – Aluvi Riha (Potato Curry)

Aluvi Riha is one the most delicious dish in the Maldives. Fish is the most important part of this dish and you can only use tuna fish. Curries like Aluvi Riha were eaten with roshi or flatbread in old times. This dish is available in any restaurant in the Maldives.

Turkey – Traditional Hamsili Pilaf (Rice Covered in Fish)

Hamsili pilaf is the yummiest dish. This dish has a unique way of cooking because pilaf is a dish that is made pressure cooker but Hamsili pilaf is a dish that is baked in the oven. All the people in Turkey made this dish at eid dinner. Winter is the best season to have this delicious dish, because all the little anchovies are found in this season.

Kuwait – Traditional Maglooba (Savory Rice Cake)

Maglooba is one of the delicious and famous cakes in Kuwait. This is an upside-down cake. This dish is served on special events like family gatherings, weddings, Christmas and banquets, etc. This dish available in every restaurant in Kuwait and this is also available at street vendors.

Kuwait – Asida (Lump of Dough With Butter and Honey)

Asida is a dish that has a lump of dough with honey and some butter. It has a unique way of eating. Traditionally it is eaten with the index and middle finger of the right hand. The word ASIDA comes from the Arabic word asad which means twist. The recipe of this dish (ASIDA) was found in the 10th century. The recipe of it was found in the book which is called KITAB – AL – TABIH (the book of dishes).