Entries by Breila Jack

Senegal – Mafé

Mafé dish is originated from Mali specifically to Mandika and Bambara people, yet it became famous in the country because of the agricultural factor of cultivating it’s basics ingredients that is ground nuts.

Angola – Yassa Chicken

Angola has been blessed with a kind of delicious dishes, that will break your taste buds just by a smell. Angola is a country found in weatern part of Africa continent.

Rwanda – Duck Roast

Rwanda is among the smallest countries in Africa, it found in the East of central Africa, bourdering famous countries like Tanzania and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Tanzania – Bilinganya Stew

Tracing the origin of Bilinganya in Tanzania, was first introduced in Sukuma lands northern of the coutry.
The plant was used as medicine to treat low blood tendency in the body traditionally.

Senegal – Roast Fish

In Senegal fish is among the loved foods to take, almost a meal without a fish, it’s not that cool as if it had one. This country is in West Africa bordered by Mauritania in the north, Mali to the east, Guinea to the southeast, and Guinea to the southwest.

Senegal – Soupou Kandja

Soupou Kandja is a cuisine found in the country, being prepared by the mix of meat or fish with vegetables to bring the taste ever, and eaten over rice as top layered soup.

Senegal – Lakhou Bissap

Lakhou Bissap is recipe most known in northen and central zone of Senegal city. Most people do take it for meal almost of any kind because it fits all of them, consider it as breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Senegal – Thiof

Thiof is the Wolof name used by the Dakar Lébou fisherman. White grouper is what we talk about when spot Thiof, that is either eaten with spices and vegetables mostly in Senegal restaurants. In beaches this meal is taken as grilled only, with some additives.